One fine Day in Iloilo City, Philippines

I have to admit that what we truly wished to go to was Guimaras as well as not Iloilo. however considering that the flight terminal is in Iloilo, we made a decision to spend a long time there. as well as we’re delighted we did since Iloilo had a few surprises of its own.

The day before our flight to Cebu, we inspected in at fine rock Hotel. considering that we just shown up from Guimaras, we were so bad worn out as well as hungry we figured it would be finest to have lunch very first before we begin checking out the city. fine rock hotel is within a few blocks of Robinson’s Iloilo so it was an simple option for us. We chosen a random restaurant as well as ate. nothing remarkable, really. We were just so hungry we ate the very first meal our eyes laid on.


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The bad Traveler stated it before: Ilonggos are really, truly charming. On our method to Guimaras, Ilonggos have already shown us immense kindness, showing us where to go, guiding us along the way. perhaps not all Ilonggos are like that however we can absolutely state that for all Ilonggos we have met.


Another testament to it is our go to to Jaro. We took a cab to Jaro. The bad Traveler as well as his bad buddy got anxious when we observed that the motorist was driving so slowly. He even got much slower when we reached Jaro. We got a bit afraid up until the motorist spoke as well as started to introduce to us the lots of old buildings in the city. “Etong bahay na ‘to Lopez ang may-ari nyan. Matagal na yan nakatayo. Itinayo yan nung 19 something-something.”

We then asked him so lots of concerns about the city. “Ah, sikat po pala ang mga Lopez dito. E di kapamilya kayo?”

The motorist stated that ABS-CBN is the number 1 station in the province. “Naku, kulang na lang pala eh ipangalan sa kanila ang highway. Haha,” added the bad Traveler.

The motorist responded, “Etong kalye na ‘to, E. Lopez Street.” We laughed so hard.

Anyway, after the taxi ride, we provided the motorist a generous idea for unexpectedly turning into a excursion guide. He dropped us off at the Jaro Cathedral.


The whole time I was in Jaro, I believed it was a separate city. When I e-researched after the trip, I discovered out it was just a district of Iloilo city. I utilized to be a separate city however it was later absorbed by Iloilo city.

Anyway, Jaro was somewhat hectic as well as tranquil at the exact same time. It’s rather tough to explain Jaro. When I looked at some parts of it, I was taken to the past however moving my eyes just a bit would take me back to the present. however it sure was relaxing. For some odd reason, I was reminded of my childhood. I dunno why.

The bad Traveler isn’t truly religious however the Jaro Cathedral was beautiful. We discovered it odd that its belfry is a number of meters away, though. We went into the church as well as saw that it was undergoing maintenance or something.

We then headed on foot to the plaza. It was just across the street. The plaza was named after Graciano Lopez Jaena as well as I was like, “Taga-dito rin pala sya?”

After mingling with the youngsters playing there, we made a decision to go to Biscocho home where we gotten P1700-worth of pasalubong — butterscotch, piyaya, meringue, as well as more.

O to chodzi. considering that we were both worn out from the Guimaras trip that morning, we proceeded to SM City Iloilo, had lunch, headed back to our hotel space as well as called it a night. We wished to sleep early since the next morning, we would be flying to Cebu for the third day of our Visayas Tour.


Boat from Guimaras to Iloilo – P26
Cab to hotel – P100
Hotel – 600
Lunch – 195
Cab from Robinson’s Iloilo to Jaro Cathedral – P150
Dinner – 220
Cab to SM City Iloilo – 150
Total: P1441

Note that this was for 2 people. Divide it by 2 as well as the overall costs per person would decrease to 720!

Another note, this excluded airfare. keep in mind that Iloilo was not truly our target destination. We truly wished to go to Guimaras however considering that Iloilo is just along the way, we made a decision to just spend a day in this big city. If we add our airfare, which was P1500 round-trip per person plus the flight terminal transfer at P50, overall costs per person: P2270.00

But then again, if you’re already in Iloilo, may also make an additional effort to go to Guimaras. Mas sulit!

Jest to część naszej podróży Iloilo-Guimaras-Cebu. For a lot more articles about the other locations we have visited, inspect out our collection here.

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