MINT museum of Toys, Singapore

said to be the “world’s first purpose-built museum for toys,” Mint museum of toys is a wonderland for all toy-lovers out there. It houses over 50,000 pieces of vintage toys from much more than 40 countries like the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, Japan and Bulgaria! and they’re not just old toys. numerous of them are extremely rare while some pieces are distinct (which means, you won’t find them anywhere else in the world)!

The toys here are actually a private and lifetime collection of Chang Yang Fa, a Singaporean toy enthusiast. pretty huge (and extensive) for a private collection, huh? Well, that’s what passion does to people — make them do big things. and this museum is testament to that love of toys.

This place is great for children! and ideal for adults who want to be reminded of their younger years!

You might be asking, “Why is it called MINT?” Actually, MINT is an acronym and it stands for “Moment of imagination and Nostalgia with Toys,” which is apt. I just couldn’t help but feel like I was transported to several years back as I look at each and every piece. The museum is like a huge collection of childhood memories. It’s not just about the toys. It’s also about the experiences that we associate with them. I remember Ultraman and how I pretended to be him when I was a child. and Popeye! and Astroboy! The museum is five levels of juvenile bliss.

Overall, it was a nostalgic, educational and enlightening experience for me.


Admission Charges and opening Hours
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Admission Charges and opening Hours

The regular rate is S$15. children 2-12 years old pay only half: S$7.50. There are also special discounted rates for going to families.

Adult: S$15
Child/Senior Citizen: $7.5

Family Promo:
2 Adults + 2 Children: S$36
3 Adults + 1 Child: S$42=

Godziny otwarcia:
Otwarte codziennie. 9:30am to 6:30pm
How to get There: MINT museum of toys is located at 26 Seah Street, Singapore. To get here, take the MRT (North South Line) and alight at City Hall Station. Take a 5-minute leisurely walk until you see Seah Street. 🙂

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